Consideration of SB 991 and HB 973

Committee Meeting

Tuesday, May 8, 2012
12:30PM, Room 461, Main Capitol


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Senate Bill 991 (Senator Argall) | Bill Analysis Senate Bill 991 creates the Service Contract Automatic Renewal Act. It requires a seller to clearly disclose an automatic renewal provision in a service contract or service contract offer.

House Bill 973 with amendment (Representative Kula) | Bill Analysis – House Bill 973 amends the Vital Statistics Law of 1953 to provide for the final disposition of cremated remains of veterans.

AMENDMENT A10006 TO HB 973 – This amendment changes the allowable time for filing certificates of death or fetal death from 96 hours to four business days. It also allows local registrars to issue certified copies of the original certificate of death for 90 days after the original certificate has been issued.