Meeting to consider SB 1250, SB 1251, HB 109, HB 327, HB 1490 and HB 1818

Senate Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee

Wednesday, June 12, 2024 | 10:30 a.m.

Room 461, Main Capitol


Senate Bill 1250 (Stefano) Amends Title 66 (Public Utilities) to provide for ratepayer relief

Senate Bill 1251 (Stefano) Amends the Professional Nursing Law to clarify requirements for
licensure and program accreditation.

House Bill 109 (Ciresi) Establishes the Prohibition of Early Contract Termination Fees Upon
Death Act.

House Bill 327 (Mako) Amends the Barbers’ License Law to reduce requirements for barber teacher licenses.

House Bill 1490 (Gallagher) Amends the Acupuncture License Act to provide for licensure
requirements and continuing education.

     • Amendment (Stefano) Clarifies physician acupuncturist continuing education is
      part of the physician’s continuing education requirement and not an additional

House Bill 1818 (Cepeda-Freytiz) Amends the Self-Storage Facility Act to provide for
advertising requirements.

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