Committee Members


Tommy Tomlinson
, Chair
Mario Scavello, Vice-Chair
Joe Scarnati, ex-officio
Lisa Baker
Camera Bartolotta

John Gordner
Tom Killion
John Rafferty
Mike Regan


Lisa Boscola, Minority Chair
Larry Farnese
Wayne Fontana
Art Haywood
John Yudichak

Committee Schedule, Votes and Bills

Meetings and Hearings


Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure and Environmental Resources and Energy Committees - March 20, 2018 - North Office Building, Hearing Room #1     [Read More]


Senate Consumer Protection & Professional Licensure Committee Meeting - April 29, 2014   [Read More]


Consumer Protection & Professional LIcensure Committee - April 1, 2014   [Read More]


Consideration of the nomination of Gladys Brown for appointment to the PA Public Utility Commission - September 24, 2013   [Read More]


Electric Reliability Involving Plant Closures - September 13, 2013   [Read More]





March 28, 2014

The Senate Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee will hold a public hearing on variable electric rates at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, April 1 in Room 8EB of the State Capitol’s East Wing.   [Read More]